About Buster

Buster’s Vision Registry is a ‘Purpose Driven’ multimedia social network website with a vision to eradicate kill shelters. Our mission is to bring shelters, rescues, fosters, and transporters together in hopes to help save abandoned innocent animals. There is geo-mapping to view locations for everyone and messaging so you can communicate and network.

Animal shelters and rescues desperately need help. Their greatest need is foster parents, transporters, and forever homes filled with love and security.

Working together, we can successfully rid kill shelters from our communities. Every pet saved from a kill shelter reduces the number of pets killed per year. Over a period of time the kill shelters will go no kill because of the reduction in pets put-to-sleep (PTS).

Not only do we want to eliminate kill shelters, we would like to see small home-based rescue businesses (fosters and transporters) flourish. I was inspired after talking to a successful small pet rescue transporting business. She has a business Facebook page, business cards, does fund-raisers, crowdfunding, and most importantly she is successfully saving animals in kill shelters.

About Us

We are working very hard with Buster’s Vision Animal Education Program; which includes sister websites, multi-media social network, and our Intellectual Property. The current system is broken. Nearly 14,000 animals die every day of the week in kill shelters in the United States. Animal education must come first. Mandated spay and neuter programs must be implemented and stronger laws must be enacted to protect animals.

Please visit and share our websites and multi-media social network.


Buster’s Vision is a grassroots movement with no funding. We desperately need fosters and transporters to register. We are dependent upon word of mouth and networking. Please register and share our vision.